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Monday, July 25, 2016

Interesting readings

How to regulate professions by Ajay Shah in the Business Standard, 25 July.

Sebi needs a new regulatory structure by Pratik Datta in the Business Standard, 23 July; this analyses and proposes solutions to the recent news:  Sebi snafus make it sitting duck for SAT by Pavan Burugula in the Financial Express, 22 July.

Players and playing fields in the Internet age by Ajay Shah on Medianama, 18 July.

No bridges over troubled waters by Alok Gupta in the Thirdpole, 18 July.

Cheaper flights and scientific collaboration by Christian Catalini, Christian Fons-Rosen and Patrick Gaule in VoxEU, 16 July.

It's time for new regulations to protect clients from sly lawyers by Pratik Datta in the Economic Times, 16 July.

Medical Malpractice around Legally Defined Code of Conduct for Medical Professionals by R. K. Sharma in NIPFP YouTube Channel.

Govts must explain, explain, explain. Potential beneficiaries of reforms are unorganised, they don't know they will ultimately benefit: Arun Shourie by Shaji Vikraman in the Indian Express, 13 July.

Consultation Paper on Proliferation of Broadband through Public Wi-Fi Networks by TRAI in The Telcom Regulatory Authority of India website, 13 July.

Farm marketing reforms: Not in NAMe alone by Pravesh Sharma in the Indian Express, 30 June.

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