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Saturday, December 19, 2020


Position for researchers in Public Policy

IDFC Institute is a research-focused think/do tank to investigate the political, economic, and spatial dimensions of India’s ongoing transition from a low-income, state-led country to a prosperous market-based economy. We provide in-depth, actionable research and recommendations that are grounded in a contextual understanding of the political economy of execution. Most of our work is directly with the government, both at the centre and state level. Our research is oriented towards informing policymaking and implementation within the government. We do not undertake research of an academic nature. Our research, reports, databases, and recommendations are in the public domain and freely accessible through our website:

IDFC Institute is seeking candidates for two roles:

  1. Junior Fellow
  2. Associate

Requirements for the Junior Fellow role

The Junior Fellow’s role will involve shaping the research question as well as communicating and institutionalising the solutions. This entails leading research teams for delivering outputs. The role requires strong leadership and problem-solving skills to tackle pressing policy challenges at the national and state level. Typically, you will be in charge of a research project, which can be a government engagement or an independent study that broadly fits within our pillars of work. You will be working as a team with other researchers at the Institute. Your key responsibility will be to deliver research reports, working papers, and briefing papers. While this is primarily a research role, your other responsibilities may include writing proposals, managing project and/or grant deliverables, institution building, providing inputs to senior fellows on strategy and process management. Below are the requirements:

  • A Masters degree and at least eight years of work and research experience
  • A PhD degree in the fields mentioned below is a plus
  • Candidates must have strong research, writing, and communication skills
  • Candidates with solid experience managing project teams and research teams will be given preference

Requirements for the Associate role

Typically, you will be working in a team on a project, which can be a government engagement or an independent study that broadly fits within our research pillars. Your key responsibilities will be to work on research reports, working papers, policy briefs, and manage research projects. Other responsibilities will include providing research inputs to senior management, liaising with government officials, donors and other stakeholders, and helping organise seminars, webinars, or meetings together with other institution building responsibilities. Below are the requirements

  • A Masters degree and at least five years of work and research experience
  • Candidates must have excellent research, writing, and communication skills
  • Should be comfortable taking initiative and working in a high paced environment

General Requirements

Candidates must have a degree in either Economics, Public Policy, Political Science, International Relations, Law, History, Sociology, Psychology, Statistics, or Mathematics from reputed universities. Candidates are expected to have the ability to formulate research questions, interpret and write about the findings, and communicate research to a generalist audience. Data analytic skills are extremely desirable. Proficiency in using statistical software and programs such as R, Stata, SQL, and Python is a bonus.

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form here.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Emerging markets conference, 2020

The Emerging markets conference has come together, over the years, as an annual institution.  The 2020 conference is 14-18 December, in the evening IST every day. To attend, get in touch with