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Monday, July 11, 2016

Interesting readings

Worst case analysis for the banking crisis by Ajay Shah in The Business Standard, 11 July.

The Human Cost of Zoning in Indian Cities by Shanu Athiparambath in The Fee, 10 July.

The Silent Role of Credit Ratings in India's Bad Loan Crisis by Praveen Chakravarty in The Bloomberg Quint, 08 July.

For friendlier laws by Bibek Debroy in The Indian Express, 07 July.

Flying an unregistered drone in Ghana could send you to jail for 30 years by Yomi Kazeem in The Quartz, 07 July.

Bill seeking to amend Sarfaesi Act, 2002 needs to be reconstructed by ET Edit in The Economic Times, 06 July.

"I would like to share some sad stories from economics related to these issues" by Andrew Gelman in Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science, 06 July.

Central banks as 'pawnbrokers' by Suyash Rai in The Business Standard, 05 July.

Meet Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, who defended Perumal Murugan and MF Husain by FP Staff in The First Post, 05 July.

India offers rupee-dollar market on a platter to Dubai, Singapore by Mobis Philipose in The Mint, 05 July.

When Gujarat's Kachchhi Traders Had the World in Their Palms by Tirthankar Roy in The Wire, 04 July.

RBI should not regulate asset reconstruction companies by Pratik Datta and Rajeswari Sengupta in The Business Standard, 02 July.

We are still not a fully open, competitive economy... too much government interference: P Chidambaram by Shaji Vikraman in The Indian Express, 06 July.

National Doctor's Day: Greed, lack of firm laws allow unethical practices to flourish by Dr P. Raghu Ram in The First Post, 01 July.

Asset quality and bank loan ratings by Harsh Vardhan in The Mint, 01 July.

Regulation of the medical profession by Gopinath N. Shenoy in NIPFP YouTube Channel.

Against Prestige by Robin Hanson in The Overcomingbias Blog, 30 June.

A Rant on Peer Review by George J. Borjas in The Labor Econ Blog, 30 June.

Luck Runs Out for a Leader of 'Brexit' Campaign by Sarah Lyall in The New York Times, 30 June.

Inflation targeting: A long way to go by Rajeswari Sengupta in The Mint, 29 June.

Time has come for 'Move India' by Pradeep S. Mehta in The Hindu Businessline, 29 June.

The Multiplier Debate and the Eurozone Crisis by Joshua Felman on NIPFP YouTube Channel.

'Badass Librarians' Foil al Qaeda, Save Ancient Manuscripts by Simon Worrall in The National Geographic, 12 June.

Integrating Regulatory Impact Assessment in lawmaking in India on NIPFP YouTube Channel.

Dissenting Diagnosis by Arun Gadre and Abhay Shukla on NIPFP YouTube Channel.

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