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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who is in charge of fiscal policy and tax policy?

In any country, various arms of government like to indulge in taxation of their own choice, and in setting up little treasuries that they control. However, it is quite clear that there must be only one treasury, and only one authority that determines taxation, through only one Finance Act.

In the Economic Times today, I have an article that applies this idea into analysing a recent proposal by DOT to impose an 8% tax on wireline broadband providers.

You may find some of the associated materials useful:
  1. Consultation paper issued by DOT on this in December 2012.
  2. National Telecom Policy, 2012.
  3. TRAI recommendations on broadband.


  1. This is because government is run by people who thinks that they are jack of all trade... but we need masters... If they want some experts to come and frame a policy for them, they should respect it... there work will be proper execution of the framed policy.. Looking forward to acceptance of FSLRC recommendations.. and I do expect Finance Ministry to listen to few masters than an army of people-who-think-they-know-it-all(read bureaucracy)...

  2. TRAI has this nasty habit of old PDFs disappearing. Kindly upload them on your own servers otherwise the links would lead to 404s in due course of time.


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