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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Interesting readings

Ramchandra Guha in the Hindu on Narendra Modi.

Asif Ezdi writes in The News about how Indian culture is undermining Pakistan's `distinct way of life, values and language, which we have successfully preserved through the centuries in an alien and hostile environment'. The loony right in India thinks similarly about Valentine's day. It's interesting to see that Ezdi retired from the Foreign Service.

A lot of new material has come out about the draft Indian Financial Code; I have been updating my blog post on this.

Joseph Sternberg in the Wall Street Journal, on family businesses in India.

Manoj Nagpal in Mint on what NPS is doing wrong.

Bibek Debroy says that something big is brewing on the Delhi-Bombay Industrial Corridor with `NMIZ's.

The SEBI/IRDA conflict was a pivotal event in financial sector policy of recent years. Everyone interested in the field, and in the problems of consumer protection in India, should read Deepti Bhaskaran's interview with outgoing IRDA chairman Hari Narayan in Mint.

Big Cats in Our Backyards: Persistence of Large Carnivores in a Human Dominated Landscape in India by Athreya et al in PLOS One.

A great article by Husain Haqqani in Foreign Affairs about the US-Pakistan relationship.

Mira Sethi has a great piece in Caravan magazine about contemporary politics in Pakistan.

Joseph Sternberg in the Wall Street Journal on how industrial policy in China, on rare earths, has backfired.

Living with less. A lot less. by Graham Hill, in the New York Times, helps us go back to basics.

Francis, Hasan and Wu, 2013 find that professors are valuable in the board room.

For the first time, in 2013, the sum total of Windows installs will be smaller than the sum total of iOS installs.

Watching your body more effectively, by John Hewitt on ExtremeTech.

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  1. I find it funny that hacks like Guha don't see anything authoritarian in the present Congress govt, but surely do in the case of Modi. While Guha has taken pains to clutch at the few straws available (and justifiably so), even so, he is unable to construct even a straw hut of criticism. Pity that in the end, he is unable to show why India should see off Modi, especially given the options. His opinions are superficial, and he does not delve deeper into idealogical differences on how a country should be run, which would clarify whether or not there is authoritarian threat. Alas, one can't expect this from pseudo-liberal people that dominate the discourse these days.


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