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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Worth reading this SEBI order

SEBI is pushing on the frontiers of enforcement in India. This is the order on Bank of Rajasthan.

I was surprised to see how small the market reaction was (this image is from Yahoo Finance):

What am I not understanding?


  1. Maybe its the din and bustle of women's reservation bill.
    More interesting question than the share price movement is what happens to the ownership of BoR now?What other penalties can RBI invoke on Tayals to enforce its regulations? Is BoR the only Bank that has gotten around the shareholding regulations. If the promoters can be unethical about their shareholding, they can also be unethical about the prudential norms of lending. Can the depositors be sure about the security of their moneys? This can have major ramifications on the upcoming new Bank licenses.

  2. Obviously, the market believes nothing of a major consequence will happen to the promoters in the medium to long term.

  3. Ajay Babu,

    The market has already discounted the 'management' in the price.

    More important it is believed that the bank on RBI comes out with new banking license policy... Tayal's will sell.

  4. Uday Kotak is another example of promoters owning more than 44% in a bank. So promoters owning more than RBI's stipulated holdpat is not unusual. However, what worries me is the fact with cases such as these...liberalization of the Indian banking sector becomes even more difficult.

    The Bank of Rajasthan is not a widely tracked or invested bank,_for obvious reasons_. SO there is very little interest in the bank, usually. But, still even I am surprised at the market reaction...

  5. While most of the readers here might already know, just so that I've not left an incomplete comment; Uday Kotak owns 44% in Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  6. Coming from Ajay Shah praise for sebi enforcement order is surprising. Could you elaborate on what aspect of the order did you find noteworthy?

  7. Surprising that you do not have any kind words for RBI who had provided the leads to SEBI to investigate further and take action?


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