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Thursday, March 25, 2010

To the anonymous participants of great discussions

In recent months, the discussions that have sprung up around some of the posts on this blog have been quite interesting:
On average, these posts have 18 comments each. I think it's just great having such high quality discussion. I have a request to all of you who are participating in these discussions: While it is perfectly reasonable that some of you choose to remain Anonymous, it's hard to keep track of the conversation when reading a post with multiple different people posting comments under the name `Anonymous'. So could you please create a Google id for yourself under some fictional name, so that each comment by you is identifiably yours?


  1. I'll add a name to myself. You blog allows that option. Let me think of something smart and witty :)

    I take my cues from the commentators in a few American financial blogs. Many there tend to post under anonymity.

  2. I am not exactly sure, what does anonymity achieve.

    If its for privacy, then apparently not a great idea. There are browser signature detectors.



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