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Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting readings

  • Bibek Debroy on Nandan Nilekani's appointment.
  • Manish Sabharwal on the five big pending issues in the `employability, education, employment' agenda.
  • Anders Aslund tells the story of East Europe in the crisis.
  • Percy Mistry in Financial Express before the budget speech, and after it.
  • Is China Really an East Asian success story? by John Lee.
  • Peter Garnham reports on progress that China is making on the internationalisation of their currency. And, see an editorial in Financial Express on dreams of becoming a reserve currency.
  • Stefan Gerlach, Alberto Giovannini, Cedric Tille, and Jose Vinals have written the Geneva Reports on the World Economy 10 on the contemporary topic of monetary policy, about how the global crisis has changed our views about the appropriate structure of monetary policy. Here is the report and here is a nontechnical summary.
  • Watch me talk about a few contemporary things on CNBC-TV18.
  • Richard McGregor in Financial Times on how not to run a financial system.
  • Watch Jeff Hammer on Ila Patnaik's TV show.
  • Thorsten Beck, Berrak Buyukkarabacak, Felix Rioja, and Neven Valev examine the evidence on the impact of financial sector development in a recent voxEU column. The quick summary: better financing of firms matters, but more credit to individuals does not.

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