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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The last word on the Nano leaving West Bengal

"What West Bengal does today, the rest of India holds in utter contempt." [source]


  1. WB might be lucky to get another opportunity as the more industrialised states will take huge beating in the next 2 years following the credit crises .. these would have impact on the politics of these states as well and may be even push back reforms.....while WB may trudge on with its primitive economy and slowly improving political climate.....last chance for the state to change itself if it wants to catch the next cycle..

  2. The worst part of WB's decision and it's inability to appeal to citizen's is that it comes at a time when opportunities are scarce.

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  4. I have a humble request to Mr. Shah to have a look here

    Also like to ask a simple question, if tomorrow govt. come to your residence and order to vacate it, albeit perhaps you are staying there legally, paying all kind of taxes, to set up some kind of "industry", what you will do Mr. Shah? Yes I know, you perhaps go to court, perhaps get stay order, or use all kind of contacts to hold the Govt. order for good. But what abt those poor farmers? They certainly do not have money, power, contacts like you, nothing.......Then? what they should do to protect their right? Hopefully Mr Shah has some good suggestions in his mind.....


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