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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

State capacity in regulation in India, 2018

29 January: Analysing the National Medical Commission Bill: Composition, Malhotra, Roy.

17 July: Building State capacity for regulation in India, Roy, Shah, Srikrishna, Sundaresan.

18 September: DEA released a draft payments law, which features significant regulatory process improvements.

30 September: MCA established a committee to review the Competition Act.

10 October: Cabinet approved the establishment of NCVET and the associated legal instrument.

22 October: IBBI released a regulation on the regulation-making process. Press release.

and there was a great debate about privacy and the new proposed privacy regulator -- the DPA -- with the Srikrishna report, their draft bill, our response to their call for comments, and Suyash Rai's article on this.

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