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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Post-Doctoral Scholar/ Senior Researcher at the IIMB-RERI in Bangalore

Founded in 2012, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore-Real Estate Research Initiative (IIMB-RERI) is a first of its kind research Initiative in the country. Engaged in the area of real estate research, the primary objective of the Initiative is to collect data and conduct scientific, cross disciplinary, publishable research that would also aid policy and decision making, involving all areas of housing and commercial real estate including land markets. The Initiative’s core focus areas are improving transparency, assessing and improving policy, leveraging technology and capacity building in the real estate sector.

The Initiative invites applications for the above two positions whose primary responsibilities would be to assist on research projects. The post-doctoral scholar is also expected to independently conceive and execute new research projects as well. Assisting research projects would involve data collection, organization, literature review, empirical analysis (using statistical software such as SAS and Stata) and writing. The candidates should be highly motivated to publish in top peer reviewed journals.

The ideal candidates would have a

  • Ph. D./Masters or equivalent in Finance/Economics/Public Policy from a recognised Institution and
  • Relevant research experience as evidenced in thesis work carried out in Institution and/or publication
The compensation will be at competitive rates for the right candidate. Interested candidates can send their resume with covering letter to Professor Venkatesh Panchapagesan at

The History-Internship at IIM-Ahmedabad

Purpose of Internship:

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) has played a pioneering role in the field of business history in India and wishes to extend this legacy by engaging with a new generation of students and researchers. Interns are expected to assist history related research projects and also develop their own research ideas during the course of the internship. Interns will benefit from the vibrant campus life of IIMA and access to one of the best libraries on business and economic history in India. Among other features, the library also provides access to the digital Times of India Archive(1838-2006) and Financial Times Archive (1888-2010). They may also attend a course on business and economic history offered at theinstitute (Twitter Handle: HITCH@BizEconHist).


The ideal applicant is a Master's or PhD level student in History/Economics/Management/Law who is working on aspects of business and economic history of any region post-18th century. Students and researchers pursuing other degrees and professions, working in other fields of history or on other time periods are also encouraged to apply if they can demonstrate how they can contribute and learn during the internship. Applicants have to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working. Prior exposure to database management software (MS Excel, Open Office, etc.) is not mandatory but welcomed.

Internship Details:

The internship can take place anytime during the year for a period not exceeding two months. The Intern can avail internet and library facilities at the IIMA campus but will have to arrange for accommodation on their own outside the campus.


Selected Intern will be paid appropriate honorarium/stipend at the end of the internship and after the receipt of an internship projectreport as per the Institute norms.

Application Procedure:

Applicants must send an email to Prof. Chinmay Tumbe, IIMA, , with their CV, a written sample of at least 1,000 words and a letter of motivation indicating potential research ideas and a range of dates for the internship. A reference letter maybe requested from shortlisted candidates. There is no deadline for the internship application and applications will be considered on a rolling basis.


TheHistory Internship

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