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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Law - Economics - Policy conference, 2016

Economics holds basic insights into what government should do. Law is the DNA of government, the code that summons structures of the State. Public administration is the management problem of making government work. These fields are inter-related. However, the three communities have largely stood apart in India so far.

Late last month, NIPFP and INET organised `LEPC 2016', a conference which brought the three communities together. In our knowledge, this was the first such conference in India, that fostered such inter-disciplinary work, brought these communities together, and featured serious research papers.

The conference had 10 research papers, 4 panel discussions and 5 talks. The 10 papers were chosen from a field of 35 submissions that responded to the call for papers in July 2016. The papers address questions of contemporary interest and offer important new knowledge.

The conference program and some materials are up on the web. Some videos from the show will appear on the NIPFP youtube channel in coming days.

Stay tuned for the call for papers for the next LEPC.

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