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Monday, October 31, 2016

Interesting readings

From despots to institutions by Ajay Shah in The Business Standard, 31 October.

Seminar on Quality of Services in Telecom and Data Services: Issues, Challenges and Solutions in NIPFP YouTube Channel.

Issues and arguments: How a key Delhi-Noida bridge went toll-free by Aneesha Mathur in The Indian Express, 31 October.

How the government fixed a mess in India Inc: The case of Satyam by Shaji Vikraman in The Indian Express, 31 October.

Across the aisle: The case for creative destruction by P Chidambaram in The Indian Express, 30 October.

The star of intellectual journalism by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha in The Mint, 29 October.

We Are in for a Pretty Long Civil War by Julia Ioffe in The Politico Magazine, 28 October.

RBI holds sway over India currency market as traders gripe by Kartik Goyal in The Mint, 28 October.

Inside the frozen zoo that could bring extinct animals back to life by Zach Baron in The GQ Magazine, 28 October.

Subversion of law in law-making by Somasekhar Sundaresan, 25 October.

The benefit of the doubt by Jessica Seddon in The Mint, 25 October.

India is celebrating everything and doing it differently by Sapna Agarwal and Soumonty Kanungo in The Mint, 25 October.

GST: Make haste slowly by Vijay Kelkar, Satya Poddar and V. Bhaskar in The Mint, 19 October.

Insipid fare from the monetary policy committee minutes by Aparna Iyer in The Mint, 19 October.

Starting trouble for payments banks by Vishwanath Nair and Sahib Sharma in The Mint, 19 October.

Hillary Clinton's 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins by Ezra Klein in The Vox, 19 October.
The power of prediction markets by Adam Mann in Nature, 18 October.

Sovereign Debt Risk in Emerging Market Economies: Does Inflation Targeting Adoption Make Any Difference? by Weneyam Hippolyte Balima, Jean-Louis Combes and Alexandru Minea in Journal of International Money and Finance, 18 October.

New law should have firm foundations by Bhargavi Zaveri in The Business Standard, 18 October.

Support army, but don't mistake it for being above all criticism by Sushant Singh in The Indian Express, 18 October.

How Maharashtra is changing the way farmers sell their produce by Abhiram Ghadyalpatil in The Mint, 18 October.

Why it's time for cautious optimism, not pessimism, in Indian media by Prashant Jha in The Hindustan Times, 14 October.

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