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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Interesting readings

Unnecessary adjournments delay debt recovery proceedings: report by Shreeja Sen in the Mint, 25 May.

Real estate-need, aspiration or megalomania? by Abaneeta Chakraborty in Forbes India magazine, 25 May.

Somasekhar Sundaresan on the Supreme Court ruling on the regulation-making process in the context of the TRAI calls dropped order, in the Business Standard, 24 May.

A Severed Head, Two cops, and the Radical Future of Interrogation by Robert Kolker in Wired magazine24 May.

India Inc's distress sale misses its mark by Ishan Bakshi and Sudipto Dey in the Business Standard, 23 May.

Competition, Regulation and Growth in New Delhi: Annual Day Lecture by Arun Jaitley at Competition Commission of India, 20 May.

Beyond the FIPB by Bhupesh Bhandari in the Business Standard, 19 May.

Government and RBI have left tax payers with a big bill by Sanjiv Shankaran on The Times of India, 19 May.

Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US by Tom Warren in Verge, 19 May.

Lay down the ground rules of operation by Ashish Aggarwal and Pratik Datta in the Business Standard, 18 May. Also see

This is how fascism comes to America by Robert Kagan in the Washington Post, 18 May.

Going dark: online privacy and anonymity for normal people on Troy Hunt's blog, 17 May.

Girls from progressive societies do better at math, study finds, on Science codex, 16 may.

How factory farms play chicken with antibiotics by Tom Philpott in Mother Jones, May 2016.

Video from the NIPFP youtube channelEnabling a national market in agriculture: Components of a national market and related legal issues by Devesh Roy at NIPFP, 3 May.

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