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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Financial reforms : What should the next government do?

Think India Foundation is setting up a series of TV shows on various aspects of public policy. Percy Mistry, Rashesh Shah, Dhiraj Nayyar and I were on their Financial Policy show, which was shot in English and Hinglish. I was impressed at the quality of the show; I had not thought this possible on television. And, my new ambition is to speak in Hindi like Dhiraj does.

It will air on the coming weekend (22 and 23 March, Saturday and Sunday), as follows:

Sat – 12pm & 8pm
Sun – 10pm

Sat – 10am & 8pm
Sun – 11am & 6pm

Sat – 7:30pm
Sun -1pm

Sat – 8:30pm
Sun – 8pm

ETV UP, ETV MP and ETV Bihar
Sat – 6pm
Sun – 5pm

ETV Rajasthan and ETV Urdu
Sat – 5pm
Sun – 5pm


  1. Please upload the link to watch it online. Thanks.

  2. I saw you with Percy Mistry and Rashesh Shah on the panel with Dhiraj Nayyar. Great show and great points by everyone. Only thing that is concerning is that some of the stuff discussed is so critical yet seems esoteric to regular people, which results in these items being not on top of the political establishment's agenda.
    Everything that you all discussed can become an academic exercise if their is no political buy-in into it.

  3. Hi Mr. Shah,

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to digress over here but I could really use some advice. I read an article from you on the FRM exam dated 2008. I'm afraid, you have stopped responding on that thread.

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    Considering I clear the exams, how should I go about getting a job this July?
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    Thank you.
    Abhishek Aiyar

  4. Booyah!

    For TV-allergic people like me, I was about to find the video online on the Think India youtube channel:

    Also, found another interview here:
    Not quite sure why it is labeled incorrectly.


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