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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A club of 19

What binds this club of 19 countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Serbia, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Venezuela, the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Cuba and Morocco? Answer. Am I glad India is not in this club!


  1. Is this the elite club that has chosen by invitation to boycott Nobel peace prize ceremony?

  2. Dont be too sure yet; the GoI moves in many mysterious ways!

  3. Btw are some so called democracies like US, UK, India are really democratic? Then why people dont have right to say against government (we are seeing the consequences of Arundhati, Assange and many more)? Just some regular elections with a fixed year of gaps ensures a country to be democratic?

  4. Arun,

    I think you are confusing 'freedom of speech' limits with democracy. Simply mindless speech is censured in all democratic countries particularly where the country's ethos itself is questioned. Arundhati Roy is a prime example as she selectively chooses to make her comments on various contentious issues of national interest. Very strangely she is deafeningly silent on human rights abuses in China-occupied Tibet.

  5. @ John,

    "Mindless speech" is a subjective word. For China, Liu is certainly a "mindless speech", so the Assange for America, For you, Arundhati, Medha are "Mindless speech" but perhaps not for many poor people in our country.

  6. "Mindless speech" indeed!

    For the sake of openness in information, I hope this comment is approved.

    He supported westernization and even colonization of China by Western countries. He took money from foreign agencies. He is a big supporter of capitalism, which fits in very well with the ideas of the award nominators. There are other dissenters in China who would have deserved better.

    It's good that the Western stronghold on righteousness is being broken. This is an open world and the people from poorer countries are getting a larger say. The days of this stupid award are numbered.
    Here is the link that discusses this topic from both sides:

  7. China and its allies i.e C20, the next global power block takes shape.

  8. Just read out this statement from ToI: "Twenty-two Nobel laureates from around the world wrote to India's President and Prime Minister and Chhattisgarh state authorities in 2008 saying that Sen should be allowed to travel to the US to receive the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights" where we deffer from China? every Indian should ask their conscience. Now who is here "Mindless speech"? Dr. Binayak Sen or our utterly corrupt rowdy government? where is the difference beyween Liu and Dr. Sen?


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