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Monday, May 10, 2010

Comments are now moderated

An employee of Unicon Investment Solutions started spamming this blog on a big scale (over 50 commentspams a day). So, sadly, comments are now moderated. Blogger: you really must have a mechanism to shutoff a given person from posting comments.


  1. Uni-Con ? I hope their name, doesnt reflect the work they do.

    But well, interesting as it is, even captcha couldnt stop the dogged perseverance of man!

  2. Yes indeed,a lot of comments landed in my mailbox from very old posts on which i had put a watch.How stupid of this individual and his organisation. If and when an anti spam law is passed,the comments should also be in its ambit.
    Instead of wasting your valuable time moderating individual comments, you can subscribe to your own comments RSS feed and selectively delete the spam.Hopefully the spammer would be watching his comments and might be dissuaded from persuing it.
    The moderation can take away spontaniety of some of the discussions and readers may be willing to tolerate nuisance such as this for that.

  3. I think you should seriously consider moving to Wordpress. It is a much more robust platform, and a lot of things not possible on Blogger are possible there, including the ability to block specific IPs from accessing the site.

  4. I doubt he is an employee.. more likely a hired spammer whose been paid by some cheap search engine optimization company to creat back links to his website..

    If you are interested in moving to your own domain name on a blog hosted on wordpress let me know.. I do some free lance web designing and can help you out for free..




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