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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Building financial supervision agencies

I have a column on this in Financial Express today.


  1. I could never imagine that it would come down to being located in Hyd. It makes a little sense, but still in the overall scheme of things, is that such a big disadvantage for IRDA that it is where it is today?

  2. You have conveniently forgotten Y V Reddy who steered the economy during the global meltdown; nothing against Dr. Jalan head of new SEBI Panel for MII review and Dr. Rangarajan, still a critical adviser at highest levels of govt. What about Governor Subbarao

    Are you aligning with the convenient persons ?

    Why have you left out FMC and PFRDA purposefully ?

    PFRDA zero commission structure created by D Swarup, isn't worth mentioning ? What about its Financial Wellbeing Board related report discussed by HLCCFM but never revealed to public ?

    It makes all the regulators' image circumspect...

  3. A commmonplace tea-time commentary aptly worded as recipe...

    No mention of regulatory impact assessment at all.

    What will the list of exhaustive parameters across regulatory domains for composite assessement ?

    Factors listed are too short and view is myopic.

    Clear SEBI bias and no mention of FMC's timely banning of futures in commodities to disable speculative activity over hedging requirements.

    Is rule of law point valid after Mr. Bhave broke ringfence to undermine jurisprudence to stagemanage scene to thwart action against NSDL ?

    Overall, a highly biased, single track article

    Expected a lot better and deeper analysis !

  4. Mr. Shah,

    Has this piece really written by you or someone is using your name ?

    It is of very poor quality considering your earlier writings.

    So, I must agree with the other comments.

    Hiren Thakkar

  5. It seems like all the readers are saying that this article misses a lot. Could someone please elaborate or point to other sources for more details? Consider me as someone with very little knowledge of current day affairs of Indian regulatory authorities. Thanks in advance.

  6. 'speculative activity over hedging requirements'

    Gopika, can u please define speculative activity and hedging. I presume, from your comment, everyone in the commodity exchamges only do hedging and there is no speculator....

  7. look at Kemrock (stock) on nse , you can figure how this agencies perform. true speculation from promoters.

  8. Maybe for anonymous senseless remark to float around...
    arbitrageurs and speculators are more important than genuine commodity producers who want to be hedgers, who knows?

    It seems that this blog owner is quite democratic and tolerates criticism well

    Comments are few and have their clear view.

  9. I think problem in not to shifting the location ,i think the really problem is policy of IRDA.they have to find out the bugs in organization.


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