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Monday, February 15, 2010

Talk at R/Rmetrics Singapore Conference 2010 on measurement of the exchange rate regime

Anmol Sethy will do a talk on our work on testing, dating and monitoring exchange rate regimes at the R/Rmetrics Singapore Conference 2010, including some recent progress on parallel computation. For background, see this paper, which talks about the ideas, and the open source R package fxregime. This is now fairly mature work: many of the papers at the NIPFP DEA Program website have utilised the ideas and code. The 6th meeting of the NIPFP-DEA Research Program (9 and 10 March) is going to have interesting new work in this field.


  1. It will be the step in the right direction but needs caution. Dont forget the crisis in Europe (Iceland, etc) where the some of the most complex financial products were sold to not so financially savvy people.

  2. sorry comment on the wrong post :)

  3. I think you discussed the right matter regarding you so that it is not balance in balance in India.


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