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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Come work for us

Come work for the NIPFP-DEA Research Program:

We are looking for people with a Masters or a Ph.D. with an economics / econometrics / statistics background with an interest in the fields visible in the above URL. Computer programming skills, ideally in R or matlab, are desirable.

Please send your resume to Anurodh Sharma : anurodh54 at gmail dot com.


  1. ajay,

    NIPFP-DEA Research Program link doesn't work!

  2. The program works but the link doesn't !

    Seen some wonderful presentations and papers from great participants with keen analyses from discussants.

    Alas, the program website and archive is dead since very long time !

  3. Hello Mr.Shah,
    Is this posting valid? The email mentioned in the posting "Anurodh54 at gmail dot com" communicated to me that I will be interviewed on Sunday,21 Feb between 10am-5pm India time, but I never received the call. I live in US and waited all night for the call. It seemed to me this person acted in highly unprofessional manner. Please let me and all your reader know if this posting is a hoax or real.

    On a different topic- your blog is wonderful. I am long time silent reader of your blog and have gained lot of knowledge by reading your blog- especially economic and policy topics related to India.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  4. LinkedIn group: Risk Regulation & Reporting below. There is also a jobs section on all such groups. Many more groups there on the site...

    just for info...



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