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Friday, January 08, 2010

Interesting readings


  1. Nitin Pai responds:

  2. Nitin Pai's response is a good one.

    Ajay, what do you mean by "Interesting readings"? You are clearly filtering "good readings". Does this mean you agree with most of what's said?

    Why are you giving airtime to people so obviously doing a hatchet job such as Ms. Crossette? Do you share her beliefs?

  3. Anonymous,

    Sometimes the things that our worst critics say contain insights into what is wrong with us and point the way to what we should be doing different.

    We only make progress through a process of brutal criticism.

  4. बढ़िया लगा यहां आकर। एक बार शब्दों का सफर पर भी आकर देखें।

  5. When I saw the positioning of Barabara Crossette’s article I actually thought ‘how appropriate’! A harsh article on us at the top of the page - what an appropriate way to start the New Year. You know the thing of keeping your friends’ close and enemies (critics) closer.

    We were in a rut for 40 years. Doing the wrong thing right. I often feel we were in a sense the ‘North Korea’ (isolationist aspects) of Asia – in a somewhat warmer, fuzzier economic sense. These forty years of isolation, combined with our own perceived sense of importance has resulted in a sense of hurt. We find it very difficult to accept criticism and at the same time are prone to tom-tom our smallest achievements.

    I think this leads to the “certain style of Indian diplomacy that alienates debating partners, allies, and opponents."

    As our old man was fond of quoting ‘we have miles to go before we sleep’. So lets keep our head to the grindstone, learn what we can from our critics and yes, definitely analyse the data.

  6. Ajay,
    Whats your view on China overcapacity vs its consumption. you mentioned long time back about banking system problems in china. Do you believe China is smart enough to avert any crisis or something else.



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