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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interesting readings

  1. Sunil Jain in Business Standard on building highways.
  2. Gautam Bhardwaj in Business Standard on the New Pension System. Also see him in Economic Times on related issues.
  3. Gautam Chikermane has an important piece in Hindustan Times on financial sector reforms in the area of insurance. Also see Monika Halan on this in Mint.
  4. Ila Patnaik in Financial Express on the Goods and Services Tax.
  5. The first action in financial sector reforms that's come from RBI in 2009.
  6. Read Yashwant Sinha and Pratap Bhanu Mehta on the BJP's predicament.
  7. Nishith Desai in Business Standard, worrying about how India is going about tax policy and tax administration.
  8. Mahesh Vyas uses the CMIE Capex database to talk about what is going wrong with SEZs, in Business Standard. BS followed up with an edit on this subject.
  9. Ila Patnaik in Financial Express on the revival of capital inflows into India.
  10. Watch this video of a talk by Larry Summers.


  1. no topic on the failing monsoons?

    Is the indian economy STILL one monsoon-failure away from chaos? I have read agriculture is 50% gdp.
    (but unlike the 70s,i believe the fx reserves will help cushion against a total failure).

    I just saw MoS Prithviraj's press briefing on behalf of monsoon.

    I Could never imagine a more useless use of my time! It was actually knowledge-subtractive rather than informative! I feel the IMD epitomizes ALL that is wrong with Indian public sector: Bureaucratic mindset applied to "high science" which every indian aspires to!

    Accordingly, the MoS could not resist the indian tendency to pepper his speech with high class acronyms like "LPA" instead of using "historical average"! what a joke. IMD is saying monsoon will be 93.3% of LPA.what another joke. like we should trust them to a tenth of a percent!

    Anyone who has seen US weather broadcasts can guarantee that the quality and quantity of meteorological information made available to LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD (faltoo) TV/RADIO stations is LEAGUES AHEAD of the 'high science' long term regression models (imagine applying regression to weather!) and parametric 'models' of monsoon forecasting. You would think you need a security clearance to work at IMD!

    Rather than waste resources on long term forecasts methods and calibrate them to infrequent field data...what is needed is frequent live (ie. moving) satellite pictures (and weather balloon field data) of low pressure systems movement, (what IMD autistically always calls 'western disturbance') and doppler radar which objectively show moisture contents and speed!

    (mind u, i'm NOT a 'high class' meteorologist, but merely a frequent watcher of such excellent domestic US weather reports! u can imagine why some americans get disappointed at indian call center handlers...the gulf is SO GREAT!)

    but for obtaining the equipment, we run into the classical indian problems: who will pay for it? who will get the kickbacks?! One day we will improve,if only by mimicking the 'best practices' of the west...but ONE DAY..! I have hope.

  2. Request you to write a blog post on your daily readings of sites/blogs etc...


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