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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ten things for India to achieve its 2050 potential

Ten things for India to achieve its 2050 potential, by Jim O'Neill and Tushar Poddar of Goldman Sachs does a good job of summarising the economic policy reforms agenda for the next government.

The 10 tasks are big and complex, and each requires a book-length treatment on translation from ideas to action. E.g. in the case of #6, financial sector reforms, such groundwork has been laid in the form of the Mistry and Rajan reports. Similar work is needed on the other nine as well.

On the subject of the macroeconomic policy framework, you might like to see this.

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  1. Dr. Shah,

    I was surprised to see that the report left out judicial reforms altogether. It could arguably come under point 1 - improving governance - but the brief writeup mentions only problems related to the executive branch.

    The ideas brought up in the discussion on education were very interesting, though.


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