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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Critical appointments watch

Chairman, Finance Commission November 2007 Vijay Kelkar, 14 November 2007
Comptroller and Auditor-General January 2008 Vinod Rai, 17 December 2007.
Secretary, Dept. Financial Services, MOF January 2008 Arun Ramanathan, 8 January 2008.
Chairman, SEBI. link, Video on 24 January February 2008 C. B. Bhave, but do see this, 14 February 2008.
Two members of SEBI
Chairman, IRDA. link, link May 2008
Governor, RBI. link link September 2008
Chairman and members of Competition Commission. link, link, link

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  1. Ajay Shah for RBI governor ;)

  2. Ajay, in fact I would like to hear your comments on Anonymous's comment :)

    Anony.. good one :)

    But Ajay that will be something isn't it? :D [I would love to see that happening ;) ]

  3. Dudes, in all recorded history no blogger has ever amounted to anything!

  4. Hey... you are not just a blogger...

    >>Jump Up!

  5. Ajay Shah may not be or become the RBI Governor (one never knows...) but I feel that the same should not stop persons who mould / shape our country's economic policies and future from giving due consideration to his writings / seeking his opinion in the process of making crucial economic decisions.

    At the same time Ajay Shah hoping that you would continue expressing your views in a timely, clear and forthright manner so that everyone can be aware and benefited.


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