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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

India is well-liked amongst Americans

A Gallup poll shows a remarkably favourable view of India amongst Americans.


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  2. Most of the countries which are in the list of most favored nations are psychically close to USA so their presence in the list dont surprise me but what surprised me was the presence of India and Mexico and absence of China in the top ten list (all of these countries are psychically at a distance from USA).

    Since this rating does not reflect the opinion of Investors/Industry captains
    Presence and absence of these countries is perhaps is a reflection of how convivial the migrants from these countries are with locals.

  3. I think migrants from roughly all countries assimilate roughly equally well. In my experience, people of Chinese blend into America as nicely as people from India do.

    I think that what's going on is that ordinary people instinctively mistrust illiberal states. When you talk with CEOs, they like being able to do deals with illiberal states, where you negotiate with a head of state without messy democracy in the picture. But when you talk with ordinary people living in liberal democracies, governments that imprison their own people for expressing certain opinions are seen with acute mistrust. When you say "China" this means the State and the government, not the people.

  4. I rarely find people who are very much aware of foreign countries. Most of what they know are misconceived notions gathered from the news. So media plays a role.

    I do think race and cultural affinity also matter in such evaluations.


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