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Monday, March 24, 2008

The blog is a remarkable format

I just wrote a post about the 6th pay commission report, and found the timeline to be interesting:

  1. The report came out in the afternoon.
  2. I had skimmed it by roughly 7 PM, and found a spot of free time to write a blog entry at 10:30 PM.
  3. Now it is 11 PM IST. I wandered over to google news to see what others are saying on the subject. I was surprised to see nothing written by a person who's skimmed the entire report.
  4. I suspect the newspapers will only get opinion pieces written tomorrow (Tuesday) and these will only appear on the web at deep night Tuesday.

Blogging lets a person respond to events much faster than the traditional media is able to match.


  1. Great job!!!
    Kudos to you. Perhaps this is the reason why the newspaper industry is declining. Blogging is kind of derivative but you are posting original content.

    Thanks for the work. Personally I may not agree with everything you say, but I appreciate your blogs.

  2. This blog of yours is indeed a treasure,sir.
    I am noticing that there has being an increase in you being quoted in other forms of media with reference to your blog off late.

  3. Your blog always puts profound economic wisdom in simple terms but ot simplistically. I admire your writing style. It's cut to the bone without any flesh.Dr Brett Steenbarger, Victor Niederhoffer writings come to mind reading through your blog.


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