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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Four slideshows on open economy macroeconomics

The NIPFP-DEA Program has four slideshows on open economy macroeconomics.


  1. The slide shows are a very convincing indictment of the confusion prevailing in the RBI. Fear of floating seems to paralyze Indian policy makers, regardless of which way the Rupee goes. With the Dollar sliding these days, it is time to get used to a stronger Rupee in Dollar terms. The long-term benefits of a credible floating currency with a credible monetary policy outweigh any short-term impact on net exports.

  2. Ajay,

    Is NIPFP-DEA a new institute - ie formed recently?

    Hope you guys can hold MoF and RBI hands to take their baby steps to normal financial markets.

    Also, it may be worth while to add feeds to NIPFP-DEA blog of all associates writings including your blog, of course, but also news columns (eg: your's at BS and Ila's at IE) and may be other associates blogs.

    That way we can subscribe to one feed via N-D blog.


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