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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Should IST be broken up into two? Should India do DST?

Evaluating two timezones and Daylight Saving Time for India, by Viral Shah & Vikram Aggarwal, August 2007. On a related subject, you might like to see this blog entry. Update: Pierre Mario Fitter has an article in Business World on this question.

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  1. Savings in energy are meant to provide one of the strongest rationales for DST/multiple-time zones.

    However, the simplest, easiest, low-cost measure is to make more use of natural (sun)light i.e start activities early and finish the day early.

    Even in western-most India activities start well in to the day so rather than reset clocks just reset school, office and institutional start times.

    And the eastern regions should begin even early. There is no reason for offices and schools to start as late as they do now.

    This is low-hanging fruits that we must use. It almost as good as a free-lunch.


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