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Friday, August 24, 2007

Competition policy perspective on banking

There is a news item in FE saying that the Competition Commission of India has started waking up to the anti-competitive policies in banking [link]. The MIFC report has written extensively about the importance of a competition policy perspective on Indian finance.

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  1. I think there needs to competition among cities in India to be financial centers.

    In IT it has worked well because the various cities have tried to attract the IT companies. Bangalore being the center (which Mumbai would become for finance, if India provides fiancial services to the world) but there is Hyderabad, NCR, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai,and even Kolkata and Chandigarh wanting a share of the IT pie. Similarly in the US, New York is the financial hub but there are other centers like Chicago for Futures and Options, Boston for Mutual Funds, LA and SF on the west coast. Now even Charlotte is emerging as a financial center with BoFA and Wachovia being headquartered there. And they compete on the world stage as well with London and HK.


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