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Friday, August 04, 2006

25 big ideas in Indian economic reform

The new newspaper of Bombay, DNA, asked 25 people what's the one big thing they would in terms of economic reforms in their field. You can view the 25 responses here : page 1 and page 2. You have to click on "zoom" (the magnifying glass icon) a few times to make it readable.


  1. While I am glad you are quoted as #1, based on Chinese (and yesteryears Japanese) growth experience I am not sure convertibility needs to be at the top. Access to capital just doesn't seem to be major issue for firms. While cheap credit would surely help, I would think infrastructure, labour, deregulation, and legal reforms would give the biggest boost to higher persistent growth and faster development.

    BTW, one can actually read in the pdf format.

  2. (The ordering scheme isn't by importance, it's an arbitrary sequence chosen by the newspaper).


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