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Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Position for researchers in the field of Legal Systems Reform

At present, we are looking for candidates for the profile of Research Associate (Legal) and Research Associate (Quant.) to participate in an ongoing research program in the field of legal system reform.

Our work in this field includes:

More information can be found on:

As a research associate, you will work on project deliverables under the supervision of a project lead. You will be expected to conduct field research in courts, implement defined research tasks, work on written documents, reports and articles and interface with external collaborators and stakeholders.

The requirements for the role of a research associate (Legal) are:

  • An undergraduate degree in Law such as B.A.L.L.B (Hons.)/ B.B.A.L.L.B. (Hons.) or graduate degree in Law such as L.L.B.
  • Minimum one complete year of work experience, preferably in a research intensive organisation.
  • Familiarity with procedural laws and practice rules in litigation and ability to understand court documents.

The requirements for the role of research associate (Quant.) are:

  • An academic background in the fields of Data Science, Economics, Engineering, Management and/ or Public Policy.
  • Minimum one complete year of work experience, preferably in a research intensive organisation.

Candidates must possess high quality research skills, basic Excel skills, coding skills and a functional understanding of any one programming language. In keeping with the current work environment at the organisation, a working knowledge of LaTeX and Linux are preferred.

You must be comfortable with working in an interdisciplinary research environment consisting of people from varying backgrounds such as economics, law, public policy and data science. You should be curious and passionate about research and willing to work on outputs independently as well as in teams.

The remuneration offered will be commensurate with your skill and experience and will be comparable with what is found in other research institutions. Interested candidates must email their resume to with the subject line: Application for "Research Position, Legal System Reform"

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