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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


TrustBridge is an organisation working in the area of rule of law in the economy. We engage in academic and policy oriented research and advocacy in the areas of Energy Transition, Financial Markets, Governance in Private Capital, and Government Contracting and Litigation.

TrustBridge is looking for full time researchers to work on projects in the area of regulation of financial markets, governance and energy transition.

Financial markets

The financial markets project involves studying the working of regulators in securities markets, banking and payments, insolvency, and insurance. This includes a study of how regulations are drafted, the impact they have on regulated entities, comparative analysis of regulatory interventions, the design of regulators, and responding to public consultations. Our recent work in the field includes:

Energy transition

The energy transition project involves working on the regulatory landscape for the sector at the Union and State level, understanding renewable energy policy and issues connected with India's energy transition, electricity sector reform, particularly distribution, governance, ease of doing business, tariffs and markets, political economy, systems operation, grid structure and management.

Requirements for the position

As a research fellow you will work on project deliverables under the supervision of a senior researcher. The requirements for the role are:

  • A Master's degree or a professional qualification in economics/management/law/public policy, strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Prior work experience in the energy transition or the financial markets regulations domain.
  • A quantitative/computational orientation will be a plus.
  • The candidates must be curious and passionate about research and be comfortable working in an interdisciplinary environment. They must be ready to work on independent outputs as well as function in teams.

The remuneration offered will be commensurate with your skill and experience.

Please send an email with your CV to if you are interested.

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