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Thursday, September 08, 2022


Position for researcher in the field of The Land Market

XKDR Forum is looking for a researcher to work on a project, on the land rights and land ownership by women. The project involves studying women's land rights, holding patterns and control over land resources through field and desk research.

XKDR Forum is a Mumbai-based inter-disciplinary group of researchers working in the fields of land, household and firm finance, financial markets, public finance management and public procurement. In these fields, the group engage in academic and policy oriented research, and advocacy. The new recruits will come into an active research program in the field. Our published work in the field of land include the following:

XKDR Forum is looking for one researcher with the profile described below.

Research Associate

As a research associate, you will work on project deliverables under the supervision of the Research Lead. The requirements for the role of research associate are: a background in law/economics and public policy, quantitative skills are desirable, two years of work experience. You must be comfortable in working in an inter disciplinary research environment with people from varying backgrounds such as economics, law, public policy and data science. You must be curious and passionate about research and must be willing to work on independent outputs as well as in teams.

The remuneration offered will be commensurate with your skill and experience and will be comparable with what is found in other research institutions.

Interested candidates must email their resume with the subject line: Application for "Research Associate" at XKDR Forum, to Ms. Jyoti Manke at by 15th September, 2022.

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