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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Anticipating the Unintended, an India-focused public policy newsletter completes one year

Anticipating the Unintended, an Indian public policy newsletter, completes one year on October 29th. This newsletter is about frameworks, mental models, and key ideas to help readers think about public policy problems in imaginative ways. 78 editions of the newsletter have gone out thus far.

The newsletter aims to bring insights from economic reasoning to contemporary issues in Indian governance. The target audience is anyone interested in knowing why the Indian governments’ many good intentions often end up having suboptimal consequences.

Anticipating the Unintended has two types of editions. Every weekend goes out a review edition which has mini-essays in four sections: a PolicyWTF section on egregious public policies, India Policy Watch: a section on burning public policy issues in India, A Framework A Week section on tools for thinking about public policy, and Matsyanyaaya on foreign policy. The mid-week edition has long-form essays in public policy.

Some highlight editions:

#39: Dispelling the Many Myths of Our Mythical Readers Part #1
#23: How to Think About the Indian State
#14: Today’s Deficits are Tomorrow’s Tax Hikes
#52: Trade Surplus, Truth Deficit
#35: Market: How Much - How Little - Is Within Its Power

Subscribe to the newsletter here. To collaborate, write to antiunintended[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. I really like the weekend editions of Anticipating the Unintended with in depth analysis and reviews.


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