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Tuesday, September 01, 2020


Positions for Legal Researchers

The Finance Research Group, Mumbai is an inter-disciplinary group of researchers working in the fields of financial markets, household and firm finance, bankruptcy law, land markets and public finance management and public procurement. In these fields, the group engages in academic and policy oriented research and advocacy.

The Finance Research Group is looking for two full-time legal researchers to work in the following fields:

  1. public finance management and public procurement; and
  2. commercial courts.

The researchers will be assigned to a project in these two fields respectively. The researchers will be expected to support research in law, economics and public policy in these fields, assist in organising advocacy and dissemination events and generate independent academic outputs and commentary. The positions will involve working with people from varying backgrounds including economics, management, law and public policy.

An indicative list of the research work done by researchers during their time at the Finance Research Group is below:

Researchers will be trained and encouraged to pursue research and produce outputs of the kind described above.

The office functions on free and open source software systems like Linux, Latex, R and others. If appointed, the candidate will be required to learn and use these software systems. The candidate must be willing to adapt to technology, work long hours and deliver quality products within defined timelines.

Previous work experience of atleast one year is required. A background in law is required, and one in economics/ public policy/statistics/ data science knowledge, is preferred. Candidates must be curious and passionate about research. The compensation will be competitive for the role and responsibilities for which the researcher is recruited.

Interested candidates must email their resume with the subject line: Application for research position at the Finance Research Group, to Ms. Jyoti Manke at

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