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Thursday, December 26, 2019


Job Opening

The Esya Centre is inviting applications to join the Centre as a full-time Fellow (Economist - Research and Policy).

The Esya Centre aims to generate empirical research and inform thought leadership to catalyse new policy constructs for the future. It simultaneously aims to build institutional capacities for generating ideas which enjoin the triad of people, innovation and value, consequently helping reimagine the public policy discourse in India and building decision-making capacities within government. Esya invests in ideas and encourages thought leadership through collaboration. This involves curation of niche and cutting-edge research, and partnerships with people, networks and platforms. Moreover, it prioritises multi-disciplinary research to engender "research clusters", through which practitioners and researchers collaborate.

Some recent examples of our work:

  1. Shohini Sengupta and Aishwarya Giridhar, Contemporary Culture and IP: Establishing the Conceptual Framework
  2. Megha Patnaik, Policy Uncertainty in Indian e-commerce

The Fellow is expected to undertake research that informs policy. The broad areas of research towards which the Fellow will contribute are: innovation, competition, copyright and IPR; labour and productivity; technology regulation; and online markets in India. The Fellow will work collaboratively with other research staff at Esya and the Esya network, which connects diverse specialisations. The primary goal is to provide an economic perspective of the themes being explored. The fellow is expected to activity participate in disseminating research output and leading new research initiatives and collaborations.

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Master's in Economics with at least four years of experience or a PhD;
  • Demonstrable interest (as ascertained from high-quality published articles or working papers) in network and platform markets, economics of innovation and technology policy;
  • Excellent writing, analytical and communications skills;
  • Proficiency in computer skills, information databases;
  • Ability to mentor juniors and work in a team; and
  • Ability to work under time pressure and to juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines.

How to apply

Please email your CV, covering letter, and a writing sample to with the email subject heading, "For the Fellow (Economist) Position".

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