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Friday, February 22, 2019



DAKSH is a Bengaluru based civil society organisation that is working on judicial reforms. DAKSH works at the intersection of data science, public policy and operations research. Our primary focus is the study of the problem of pendency of cases in the Indian legal system, with the aim of suggesting sustainable solutions based on quantitative research and empirical legal methods. We are actively involved in creating sustainable solutions to improve judicial efficiency, process, administration and management.


Technology Lead at Bangalore


  • Leading Daksh’s technology initiatives.
  • Data collation from multiple sources, data parsing and channelling.
  • Making data available to the public including database management, UX, dashboards.
  • Customising, maintaining and enhancing DAKSH's CourtLog tool based on project needs, bug fixing, enhancing UX.
  • Provide analytic and strategic support to other programmes at DAKSH.
  • Engaging, coordinating and monitoring the work of external vendors.


  • At least four years of experience in technology roles.
  • Good interpersonal skills – ability to work collaboratively.
  • Deep passion to make an impact in the field of judicial reforms and familiarity with key technology-led interventions that are making a positive impact in this field.

Skills Required:

  • JavaScript (very strong)
  • Elastic Search (very strong)
  • PostgreSQL (strong)
  • AngularJS – (moderate)


  • NativeScript (strong)

Contact us

Interested candidates may please send their resumes to

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