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Friday, March 03, 2017


Positions at IGIDR FRG

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research is a PhD and Masters granting research institution set up in Bombay in 1989, and funded by the Reserve Bank of India. The Finance Research Group is a group of researchers working on financial markets, household finance and firm financing. At the Finance Research Group, we are recruiting in a few areas.

Policy research on data management in bankruptcy

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, envisages a new industry of `information utilities' (IUs). We require a policy researcher who will develop expertise on the working of this industry, have thorough knowledge of the processes, critically evaluate regulations and  critique the developments in the policy space. This work will require mastery of information systems, finance and banking domain knowledge, knowledge of the Indian bankruptcy reforms, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and the IU regulations issued by IBBI.

Policy research in payments

We require a policy researcher who will work on:

  1. The legal framework of the payments and settlement systems, India and global.
  2. Clearing in the area of payments.
  3. Optimal competition policy in payments.
  4. Policy issues and market barriers in payment systems, and how to design policy to ensure a vibrant fintech ecosystem.

The work profile will include studying contemporary policy developments, developing a point of view on the required reforms, writing policy papers and blog articles, running policy roundtables, etc.

Quantitative research on financial markets

Our research program on financial markets requires staffing in:
  1. Measuring and monitoring market quality of exchange traded securities. The measures aim to capture changes in price efficiency, liquidity and volatility over time. This will involve using modern statistical techniques, doing parallel computation with high frequency data in R.
  2. Impact of changes in regulations on market quality.
  3. Evaluation of proposed regulations, and development of a cost-benefit analysis of the same.

Contact us

All these are full time positions. Please get in touch with Jyoti Manke at .

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