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Thursday, February 16, 2017

RBI reforms in the light of the demonetisation episode

by Ajay Shah.

The demonetisation episode has shed new light on the issues of RBI reforms. The long-standing deficiencies of the institution made this event possible. We have a group of articles on RBI as an institution:

  1. Ila Patnaik in the Indian Express, on transparency and the RBI board, 14 January.
  2. Ajay Shah in the Business Standard, on clear thinking about independence of a central bank, 23 January.
  3. Ila Patnaik and Shubho Roy on this blog, comparing the governance of the RBI against the processes seen in the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, 24 January.
  4. Bhargavi Zaveri on this blog, war-gaming how demonetisation would have shaped up in a reformed RBI, 25 January.

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