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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Interesting readings

Commodity futures: Waiting for the gains by Ajay Shah in the Business Standard, 18 April.

Caring about personal insolvency by Renuka Sane in the Business Standard, 16 April.

How technology helps creditors control debtors by Sarah Jeong in the Atlantic, 15 April. Also see.

M. R. Madhavan in the Indian Express on Aadhaar as a money bill, 15 April.

Superbugs are on track to kill 10 million people by 2050 if things don't change --fast by David Cox on

Ila Patnaik in the Indian Express, 9 April, on the implications of the Panama information leak. Also read Tyler Cowen on this.

Crackdown in China: Worse and Worse by Orville Schell in the The New York Review of Books, 21 April.

How a Cashless Society Could Embolden Big Brother; When money becomes information, it can inform on you. by Sarah Jeong in the Atlantic, 8 April.

Becca Cudmore in Audobon (21 January), on a great project in Kerala on mapping the birds. This takes us to eBird India.

I noticed two private forests: link link

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  1. Respected Sir is there an archive where I can access the forest database


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