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Friday, July 12, 2013

Interesting readings

Devesh Kapur in the Business Standard on the Right to X Act.

Ashutosh Varshney has a great piece in the Indian Express analysing the possibilities for a BJP led by Narendra Modi. Also read Poornima Joshi in Caravan magazine.

Laurie Garrett and Maxine Builder in Foreign Policy about preparations that Indian authorities need to undertake associated with the Haj this year.

The first universities in India that shed their xenophobia will break away from the pack.

Milan Vaishnav on the extent to which voters in India know and use caste information when thinking about candidates.

In continuation of the commodities transaction tax, Mobis Philipose tells us about the impact on day 1.

Menaka Doshi in the Financial Express on the low quality of economic policy making in India.

The Ministry of Finance has setup a Standing Council of Experts on the international competitiveness of the Indian financial system [link].

Corporate governance failure at Ranbaxy? by Asish K. Bhattacharya in the Business Standard.

The big idea of the Indian equity market reform in the early 1990s was to have a 3-way separation between shareholding, management and membership of exchanges. Jayanth Varma has a blog post about how there are problems at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, in 2013 which are reminiscent of those seen at the BSE in 1993. I'm not surprised, as the CBOE does not have three-way separation.

The world according to Sheila Bair. She now leads a non-government group of experts called the Systemic RIsk Council. We need more such groups of experts in India, who are not backed by the State.

Google is the General Electric of the 21st century by John Gapper in the Financial Times.

In continuation to Let's not confuse knowledge with college, see ideas for recruiters by Rory Sutherland who is vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group.

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  1. With the Chevrolet recall to go with the Ranbaxy fiasco and sundry Indian-origin finance executives in the US being accused to various crimes, we have to introspect on whether we Indians have an issue with cutting corners (famously eulogized as 'jugaad' by some business school professors).


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