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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Interesting readings

In continuation of Capacity constraints in public policy, India will double the size of its diplomatic staff. And, see Milan Vaishnav in Foreign Affairs.

India is Asia's dharamshala -- why not learn to love it? by R. Jagannathan on Firstpost.

The crisis in our community by Nilanjana S. Roy in the Hindu.

How to tell if your neighbour is a bombmaker by Scott Stewart of Stratfor.

K. P. Krishnan, Smriti Parsheera and Suyash Rai in the Economic Times on Saradha and the IFC.

Shanu Athiparambath in the Business Standard on the objective of monetary policy in India.

An unusual commission by Ashok V. Desai in the Telegraph. Hurdles to new financial code by Monika Halan in Mint.

Monika Halan in Mint on lazy banking that costs the poor money.

T. B. Kapali in the Hindu Business Line worries about accountability of financial regulators.

T. K. Arun in the Economic Times on the root cause of the Saradha scandal. Editorial in the Indian Express about ponzi schemes raging in Indian finance.

Smriti Parsheera on about FSLRC.

Anuradha Guru and Prachi Misra in the Financial Express on systemic risk in the Code.

An interview with Justice Srikrishna on

In continuation of Real estate - an asset class?, see Why property is the biggest con-job on investors by R. Jagannathan on Firstpost.

SEBI takes a good first step in reviewing risk management by Mobis Philipose in Mint.

India's poor crisis resolution regime by Radhika Pandey and Sumathi Chandrashekaran in the Business Standard.

Windows: it's over by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols wonders about what will happen to Microsoft Windows, now that both Windows and the PC are in a slump.

Ashlee Vance in BusinessWeek tells a story about `Eve' that I found rather remarkable.

Seven traits of highly creative people.

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