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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I should like to call you all by name

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  1. This post is a very heavy dose of 'why socialism is evil' :) After reading half of them, I didn't have it in me to read the rest. At least I know where the title of the post comes from.

    I've always found the stats from world war quite astounding. The number of Russians killed is something like 50 times the number of American/English or even French.

    In India, as we try to shift to capitalism and have to take a detour through crony capitalism, it may be useful to take smaller doses of these articles to remind us of the problems of socialism, in the erstwhile USSR, but also here at home. Is there a way we can quantify the loss due to socialism at home? I'd say almost all of the 1 billion+ here in India have been severely affected by socialist policies of the pre-1991 days (and it continues).

    And, then it is useful to look at the Chinese article to remind us of the flaws of the one party system there. Although, even in our democracy we have probably have countless such examples.


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