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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interesting readings

Bruce Riedel has a great story in the National Interest about the 1962 India-China war and its aftermath.

Nitin Pai in the Business Standard on how to better manage immigration into India.

The adventures faced in running household surveys in India.

I have written earlier about the new world of intense competition for the top two Indian financial products: Nifty and rupee. A big step up in competition against the NSE Nifty options has begun, against a serious and heavyweight rival.

Palak Shah, in the Business Standard, describes some interesting developments at the Delhi Stock Exchange. DSE has fumbled before on finding the right partners; perhaps this will set the stage for building DSE into a serious player in the Indian exchange industry. And, see Jeff Glekin on Reuters Breakingviews on India's 3rd stock exchange.

How should liberal democracies deal with China and Russia? by Michael Ignatieff.

Bo Xilai: power, death and politics by Jamil Anderlini in the Financial Times.

If you've wondered why Microsoft faded away in the recent decade, read Microsoft's lost decade by Kurt Eichenwald in Vanity Fair. On this subject, read David Stutz who wrote an open letter when he left Microsoft in 2003. I looked back into 1997 and thought that while parts did not work out, it was a pretty good call: two years before the MS stock price peaked and roughly four years before the cognoscenti understood that Microsoft was a utility in decline.

Robert Shiller interprets China's Great Leap Forward as a speculative bubble.

China's economy: Apocalypse soon? by Mark McDonald in the IHT.

Jayanth Varma on various notions of price. Also see one of my old columns, When marking to market fails.

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  1. Ajay.... Take a Look at the gmo llc website . Somel of grantham's letters may be of interest to you. There are two on agricultural prices which might be good.


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