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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The most-read posts on this blog

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  1. Given a chance would love to ask if the eminent writers of SKS article also wrote something about how rong they were or how mislead they were. It beats me that a stock lists on 13th AUg 10, all analysts drum up the stock, and within 3 months the company is surrounded by all kinds of corporate governance issues. Now generally speaking unless its Satyam few analysts and other market participants get some wind of negative information about a company. Now how come in India the so called MFI experts like Mr. Mor were so oblivious to such things - even though it was in public domain that govts. were thinking of bringing the ordinance against MFIs. Not a single MFI expert at that time was talking about the risks - obvious and latent in that business model and how everyoen was trying to get out.


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