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Friday, September 03, 2010

The gang that can't shoot straight

On the mistakes in the recent CSO data release, see P. Raghavan in the Indian Express.

By the time 3G telephony came about, India was well into the telecom revolution. By December 2007, there were 190 3G networks in 40 countries and 154 HSDPA networks in 71 countries, but none in India. We're now finally getting on with it, and will probably be the last place in the world with 3G telephony.

And there are the failures in organising the Commonwealth Games.

It is enough to make a man worried.


  1. Mobile Number Portability's deadline is in October but this too won't be implemented till then

  2. I share your concerns and I believe that you have given a fair warning.

    The Indian political system seems too centralized to allow for any experiments in governance. At the same time it is too fragmented to allow any top-down change.

    I am pessimistic.

    I only disagree with your point about ensuring fiscal balance. If India is going to grow fast, despite itself, then starving itself of capital and investment in the name of austerity will be the biggest mistake ever. It will be a missed opportunity. We need this gamble.


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