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Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting readings

The Budget Speech of February 2010 had announced a `Technical Advisory Group for Unique Projects' (TAGUP). The press release about creation of this group is out.

Giles Kepel has a great article in the National Interest on the concept of secularism and assimilation in France and the UK. It makes you think about how we're approaching the puzzle of forging an Indian identity - and the contrast between the damage caused by State policy as opposed to the interesting quiet changes taking place every day on the ground.

Anil Padmanabhan looks back at year 6 of the UPA.

Heather Timmons and Hari Kumar in the New York Times on the carnage on India's roads.

NSE does Fix.

SEBI's order on front-running at HDFC AMC. Bhave's SEBI is a new world of enforcement in Indian finance.

Somasekhar Sundaresan in the Business Standard on the mess in India's capital controls.

Bibek Debroy in the Indian Express, and an editorial in the Business Standard, on India's problem with land titles. Most of us in India don't know about how far back this story goes in other countries : to the Domesday book of 1086 AD, or 924 years ago, in the UK.

Jayanth Varma in the Financial Express on the new world of exchanges. Roughly a decade ago, I had started using intra-day data from NSE and at the time had checked that their trading system clocks were synchronised by NTP -- they were.

Ila Patnaik in the Indian Express on the importance of the BSST countries instead of the BRIC countries.

Vikas Bajaj in the New York Times on the difficulties of rail transportation in India.

Gary Schmitt, in the American, worries about the finlandisation of Taiwan.

Nixon's Nose by Xiaoda Xiao, in Guernica and Angel factories by Anne Applebaum in the New Republic.

Ali Sethi in the New York Times with a piece titled One myth, many Pakistans.

Adam Ridley in the Financial Times on the challenge before London.

Sebastian Mallaby in the Atlantic on Paul Romer's work on `charter cities'.

Scott Sumner has an interesting take on the performance of neoliberal policies worldwide.

Rent a white guy.

Scott Adams guide to investment.


  1. Giles kepel's article is a bunch of conjectures mixed with facts. It doesn't really fit in with your other excellent links.

  2. Prof, I have an article on the recent debate: spending vs. austerity. Please do comment.



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