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Monday, October 26, 2009

Regulation vs. micro-management

Writing in Business Standard, Somasekhar Sundaresan reminds us that SEBI has greater powers than US SEC. I'm curious: Does the US SEC have the power (if it should so decide) to control what time trading should start and stop at all exchanges?


  1. Excellent article by Sundaresan. He knows how to dissect and deduce truth from reality !

  2. Marvellous analysis, indeed !

  3. Wow, SS !

    Talking truth to power, you have the courage cum credentials to do it so well...

  4. Fantastic column on securities law - he proves and is approaching class of Prof Sandeep Parekh.

    Would like to recommend great speech by SEC Chairman with lot of lessons for SEBI, too !

  5. SEC does approve amendment of SRO rules. ( The extension of market hours was a proposal from the exchanges and SEBI has merely approved it. Nation wide markets cannot be run on the whims and fancies of market participants and requires hand holding. SEBI has laid the basic criteria for extending market hours and has not gone into the nitty gritties of risk management.


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