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Thursday, January 29, 2009

On floating exchange rates

Ten years of floating exchange rates in Brazil, by Henrique Meirelles, Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil, on 19 January 2009. A crisp 3-page story that's germane for India's thinking about the exchange rate regime.


  1. Ajay,

    Great article - thank you for this.
    What's a householder to do in such circumstances?
    Do we wait out our 401k investments, vanguard investments or whatever Indian savings schemes and start putting money in after the downturn passes (and who's to know when things bottom?)
    Or do we just continue on as if nothing has happened in the hope that we are getting more bang for our buck today and things will get better tomorrow?
    I turn to you for advice as Thain and Pandit are busy putting gold faucets on their commodes...

  2. Ajay, I am looking for the historical ave. monthly yields of Indian 10 yr G-Sec, from 1990 - today. Would you know how I can get this free of cost?

    Shyam Pattabi


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