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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crisis watch, 30 December

TED spread 1.45
S&P 500 returns -0.39%
VIX 43.9
Nikkei 225 (9:16 AM IST) +1.28%
US Financials index -1.37%
ICICI Bank ADR +8.94%
Call rate on 29th 5.21%
Currency futures (9:16 AM IST)48.7375
  • Deepak Lal in Business Standard on how to head off protectionism.
  • Jayanth Varma on how recent events should change the way in which we teach finance.
  • Rama Bijapurkar reminds us that some firms have low betas, in Financial Express.
  • Paul Kattuman, in Financial Express says that wage flexibility is the best kind of adjustment to a downturn.
  • Eric Lipton and David D. Kirkpatrick in the New York Times on finding profits in the downturn.

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